Window well cover

Simple Maintenance to Prevent Basement Water Damage

First fall in your new home? If this is your first fall in a new home, it’s a perfect time to do some simple preventative maintenance with your window wells.  Even homes with good window well drainage can end up clogged if it gets filled with leaves, plastic or other debris.  If water sits in[…]


The Medical Marijuana Tenant: What can you do as a landlord?

Recent regulations from the federal government allow medical marijuana users to set up small growing operations to produce their own crop. “The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) allows individuals, who have been authorized by their health care practitioner, to register with Health Canada to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes.”[…]

House bundled up in Winter scarf and hat to provide insulation.

How Effective Is The Insulation In Your Home?

Insulating Your Home While previous generations may have been content to live in drafty houses, most people now want comfortable warm houses. A healthy house today is well sealed, well insulated and properly ventilated. A well-insulated house is a bit like dressing for the weather. A wool sweater will keep you warm if the wind[…]

Person putting out a couch fire with a fire extinguisher in their home while another person watches in shock.

Do You Know How To Use A Fire Extinguisher?

Learn How And When To Use A Fire Extinguisher (NC) Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? And as importantly, do you know how to use one? What good is a fire extinguisher if you don’t actually know how to use it? Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to use them and are unclear[…]

Person clearing leaves out from a house's eavestroughs as part of a fall home maintenance process.

Fall Home Maintenance

Do you have a checklist for your Fall home maintenance? Well you should. But in case you don’t have one on hand, Baseline Inspections is here to provide you with the best parts of your house to tackle this Fall.   Chimney: Have your chimney cleaned and inspected. Creosote buildup can lead to a chimney fire.[…]

Scenic view of a lake and the reflection of trees from a vacation property rental.

Vacation Property Rentals….Risk vs. Reward

With the increase in use of sites like and, renters and property owners are connecting all over the globe! Renting your vacation home or cottage can be a great way to help cover some of your ownership costs but….. Are you insured? In some cases insurance companies will not insure you if you[…]

Person putting new silicone caulking on exteriors of window frames as part of their Springtime home maintenance.

Springtime Home Maintenance Not To Be Overlooked

We know about Spring Cleaning, but what about Spring Home Maintenance? The best time to repair or replace caulking around exterior windows and doors is spring or fall, when the width of the joint is halfway between it’s seasonal extremes. This will help keep out heat and humidity in the summertime. Clean out your eaves[…]

Hammer and blueprint with the words Building Permit placed as an overlay.

Why Bother With A Building Permit?

Take A Little Extra Time To Determine If You Need A Building Permit With the arrival of warm weather, some of us find ourselves charging the cordless drill and dusting off the tools. So many outdoor projects, so little time! Taking just a little extra time to determine if you require a permit for your project[…]

Diagram of a dehumidifier that is used to stop basement moisture problems.

How a Dehumidifier Can Help Eliminate Basement Moisture Problems

Anatomy of a Standard Dehumidifier When the snow starts melting, and the spring rain has the birds singing, our thoughts quickly turn to spending time outside, readying our home and yard for spring and summer. Take a minute to tend to your basement, and protect yourself and home from the many problems associated with moisture.[…]

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Condensation forming on windows of a house in the Winter.

Winter Window Condensation

Are your windows old and in need of replacing? Don’t put it off any longer than you absolutely have to. The damage you can’t see will far exceed what you can see. Let’s look at the most common problems and solutions… Newer windows? Make sure air is allowed to circulate either passively or mechanically throughout[…]