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Rod MacGillivray with Baseline Inspections car in background, Rod's testimonials below.

Rod MacGillivray

Rod inspected our 110 year old house and he was fantastic! He was very thorough and explained everything as he went along. He is very personable and answered all of our questions. During this time of Covid-19 he made the experience easy and he was respectful of having to wear a mask at all times. Thanks for such a great experience.
- M.K., August 2020
Rod was extremely thorough, professional and detailed. I would recommend him any time and will be using him on further property inspections. Dean
- D.C., May 2020
Very thorough.
- A.G., April 2019
Thourghal and explanitory!
- M.B., June 2018
Rod - you are a star! Not only for checking out homes so thoroughly yet also for building this great business. Thank you for working so effectively with my team. I also really like the Home Gauge software system.
- R.C., March 2018

Jamie Ruth with Baseline Inspections car, Jamie's testimonials below.

Jamie Ruth

I?ve been a realtor for over 11 years and have had the pleasure of working with Jamie as a home inspector on numerous occasions, I can confidently say that Jamie is one of the best in the business! Not only is he thorough and diligent in his inspections, but he also takes the time to clearly communicate any issues or concerns to both myself and my clients also taking the time to explain how the Home and the systems in the home work as well as tips and tricks to maintaining the Home. Jamie ?s attention to detail and professionalism, make him a valuable asset to any real estate transaction. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- C.G., December 2022
Try to be more professional. Don't let race influence how you do your job. I knew from the minute you spoke to the owner on the phone (which was long) and saw his mother along with conversing with her, that your report would be based on race and not facts. I will not recommend you to blacks or people of colour if there are whites involved. You are friendly and that is a good thing.
- R.K., October 2022
Very thorough, easy to understand, no surprises
- R.V., October 2022
Jamie, thank you for taking the time to explain everything to us, for being so easy to get along with, prompt, courteous. An A-grade inspector in my books!
- J.F., October 2022
Jamie was great to work with. He was informative but didn’t talk down to me. He walked me through everything I needed to know and even gave me tips for the future! He was very easy to get along with. This was my first time getting a house inspection, so I was kind of nervous. But Jamie was great. Not once did he make me feel foolish for being a first time home owner. I hope to stay in this house for a while, but if anyone I know needs a house inspection, I’ll be sure to recommend Jamie!
- N.F., September 2022