Thermal Imaging

Rod MacGillivray of Baseline Inspections using a thermal imaging camera during a house inspection.Thermal Imaging is a highly effective tool that allows you to get more detailed information about abnormalities during a home inspection than can be seen by just the naked eye.

Do you have concerns about:

  • Unusually high-energy costs?
  • Unexplained moisture damage?
  • Potential basement water leaks?
  • Strange smells that be from pests or rodents?

A Thermal Imaging Assessment is one of the best non-destructive methods for a home buyer or seller to more accurately investigate these concerns.

See First Hand

See an example of how we used thermal imaging to further investigate water damage that was detected during a home inspection.  Not only did the thermal imaging inspection confirm there was still moisture in the area, but that it had impacted a much larger area than could be visually detected.

Our Assessment Service

A Thermal Imaging Assessment as an optional add-on to your home inspection.  If you have any of the concerns above, we recommend requesting a Thermal Imaging Assessment when you schedule your inspection.  This is the best way to ensure everyone books sufficient time for your inspection (normally +30 minutes).

If you encounter unexpected issues during the inspection that are important to you to further investigate with a Thermal Imaging Assessment, your Inspector will use best efforts to accommodate your request.

The Technology

Thermal Imaging (also known as thermography) uses temperature wavelengths (infrared radiation) to create an image which is not affected by visual light.  This non-destructive testing approach provides valuable information used in conducting a more accurate assessment of issues in a home including water leaks, moisture damage, heat loss areas, and overloaded circuits.   Learn More