Fall Home Maintenance

Dec 18, 2015

Do you have a checklist for your Fall home maintenance?

Well you should. But in case you don’t have one on hand, Baseline Inspections is here to provide you with the best parts of your house to tackle this Fall.

Chimney: Have your chimney cleaned and inspected. Creosote buildup can lead to a chimney fire.  If you have fires regularly, you should have your chimney inspected once a year.

Gutters:  Clean and inspect your gutters.  Leaves can be a haven for pests and mould, and clogs to the gutter system can cause water build-up and damage to your roof.  To protect your basement, make sure your downspouts carry water away from the foundation.

Roofing: Check flashing around the seams of your roof, look for damaged shingles, and make sure to trim back any branches hanging over your home.

Storage: Move paints, calking and adhesives indoors to avoid freezing.

Insulation: Consider upgrading your insulation. A very cost effective way to lower your heating bills. Simple foam gaskets behind electrical plates can help reduce cold drafts.

Windows and Doors: Check for drafts around windows and doors, and apply weatherstripping where needed.

Furnace: Air filters that are clogged with dust and debris can greatly reduce your homes heating efficiency and should be checked and replaced regularly – especially if you have pets.

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