Quick And Easy Home Maintenance To Do Now

Apr 4, 2015

We often think of home maintenance as something to be done in the warmer months. Here are a few items to check off the list while Jack Frost has us thinking about hot, sunny days.


Wash it to remove grease and you’ll increase the efficiency of your exhaust vent, plus, in the event of a stovetop fire, this can help keep the flames from spreading.

cleaning kitchen stovetop exhaust filter for easy home maintenance

Photo Credit: Lifehacker.com


Pull the dryer out from the wall; disconnect the vent pipe, and vacuum lint out of the pipe and the connection point at the machine. Also, wipe lint off of your exterior dryer vent so the flap opens and closes easily. Remember that vents clogged with old dryer lint are a leading cause of house fires.

cleaning clothes dryer vent as part of easy home maintenance

Photo Credit: Lintalert.com


Your first line of defense against air borne allergens and dust. Depending on the number of furry pets and smokers in the home, you may want to change the filter every one to two months. Judge this by how dirty your filter looks after 30 days. Be sure to install the proper size filter for your furnace, and that it is installed in the proper direction.

cleaning furnace filter as part of home maintenance


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