What Home Inspectors are Looking for in an Inspection

Sep 3, 2020

Home Inspectors Expectations

Home Inspectors are at the house to do a visual inspection; the purpose is to examine the build and components and provide an opinion-based report. The report will supply an objective plan for potential repairs or systems that may cause issues and need repair or replacement either immediately or in the future. Your questions regarding your home can also be answered during a home inspection. Home Inspectors are guests in the house so always need to leave the house as they find it.

4 Things that Really Matter in a Home Inspection

  1. Major Defects (e.g. Structural Failure)
    • When it comes to major structural defects, home inspectors sometimes can spot the issue from a future distance. E.g. building settlement can show up when viewed from across the street. On major defects sometimes we need to bring in the third part i.e. structural engineer.
  2. Conditions that will lead to major defects
    • Things that are starting to fail but not yet failed – Catching an issue before it happens.
  3. Issues causing insurability problems
    • Kitec plumbing, galvanized steel plumbing, non-aluminum rated receptacles, copper to aluminum pigtail connections, knob and tub wiring.
  4. Safety hazards (e.g. electrical issues)

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