Sample Reports

1. Detailed Inspection Report

At the conclusion of your inspection, you’ll receive your printed inspection report (on site) with details of all findings from the inspection.

You’ll also receive a Reference Binder that includes additional materials. When combined with your inspection report, you’ll have an ideal future reference tool to learn about your new property and plan for repairs and upgrades.

2. Online Access to Your Inspection Report

Sample Online Inspection Report

We also provide you with secure online access to your inspection report for fast and easy viewing and printing. For out-of-town buyers, this is ideal! The sample report below provides a walk-through of Baseline’s online inspection report service, as well as the main features of every inspection report.

3. Easy Report Sharing & Secure Storage

After your inspection, you may choose to share your inspection report with many different people – your real estate agent, insurance agent, mortgage broker, contractor or a trusted advisor just to name a few.   With your online report, it is easy to forward and share your inspection report with secured access.

You’ll also never need to worry about losing your inspection report or reference binder during your move!  Baseline provides all clients with secured online storage and access to all of your inspection reports.

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