The Medical Marijuana Tenant: What can you do as a landlord?

Recent regulations from the federal government allow medical marijuana users to set up small growing operations to produce their own crop. “The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) allows individuals, who have been authorized by their health care practitioner, to register with Health Canada to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes.”[…]

Person clearing leaves out from a house's eavestroughs as part of a fall home maintenance process.

Fall Home Maintenance

Do you have a checklist for your Fall home maintenance? Well you should. But in case you don’t have one on hand, Baseline Inspections is here to provide you with the best parts of your house to tackle this Fall.   Chimney: Have your chimney cleaned and inspected. Creosote buildup can lead to a chimney fire.[…]

Hammer and blueprint with the words Building Permit placed as an overlay.

Why Bother With A Building Permit?

Take A Little Extra Time To Determine If You Need A Building Permit With the arrival of warm weather, some of us find ourselves charging the cordless drill and dusting off the tools. So many outdoor projects, so little time! Taking just a little extra time to determine if you require a permit for your project[…]

Condensation forming on windows of a house in the Winter.

Winter Window Condensation

Are your windows old and in need of replacing? Don’t put it off any longer than you absolutely have to. The damage you can’t see will far exceed what you can see. Let’s look at the most common problems and solutions… Newer windows? Make sure air is allowed to circulate either passively or mechanically throughout[…]