How a Dehumidifier Can Help Eliminate Basement Moisture Problems

Anatomy of a Standard Dehumidifier

Diagram of a how a dehumidifier works in the context of a house's basement.

When the snow starts melting, and the spring rain has the birds singing, our thoughts quickly turn to spending time outside, readying our home and yard for spring and summer. Take a minute to tend to your basement, and protect yourself and home from the many problems associated with moisture. Even if you can’t see or smell the tell-tale signs of dampness, A dehumidifier has many benefits….

  1. Decreases high spring and summer humidity levels in the home by drying the air
  2. Improves the air quality throughout the entire home
  3. Can prevent mould and mildew build-up beneath a crawl space and within the basement foundation
  4. Draws out moisture that can be imbedded within very small cracks in the foundation
  5. Reduced moisture means less of those creepy crawlers that love damp places
  6. Less instances of dust mites, which are an allergy and asthmatic trigger
  7. Can prevent rusting of tools, door hinges, ect.
  8. Many people find they don’t need to run their air conditioner as much if they have a dehumidifier in the basement

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  • The best benefit i saw after using Dehumidifier is that they can prevent mold and mildew, in my state that was horrible when summer come.

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