Springtime Home Maintenance Not To Be Overlooked

We know about Spring Cleaning, but what about Spring Home Maintenance?

Person installing new silicone window caulking during Springtime home maintenance.

The best time to repair or replace caulking around exterior windows and doors is spring or fall, when the width of the joint is halfway between it’s seasonal extremes. This will help keep out heat and humidity in the summertime.

Person removing leaves that have fallen into the eavestroughs of a house roof.

Clean out your eaves from winter debris and check for ice damage. Consider installing guards or screens now, while your gutters are clean.  Make sure there is at least three feet of distance between the side of the house and the down-spout’s outlet.

A waterspout demonstrating the proper way for installation so that water will run away from the house.

To help prevent basement flooding and foundation erosion, check the entire perimeter of your house to ensure the ground is sloped away from the foundation. Build up with soil as needed.

If any of these home maintenance tasks are beyond your comfort level, consider hiring a professional. All fairly minor expenses that will pay off greatly in the long run.